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Furia Roja

It's unfair. FIFA's number one ranked team against the 82nd. A team that hadn't lost in 32 international matches versus a team that has recorded only one World Cup qualification in 1982.

Still, you can't help admire the multi-dimensional game of "The Red Fury". Fernando Torres's hat trick in less than 17 minutes was a marvel to watch, especially since his goals mixed accuracy (goal 1), quickness (goal 2) and power (goal 3).

Now take your Tivo remote and watch the lead-up to those goals, and you will gain a greater appreciation for the well oiled Spanish system. My favorite was Torres's second at 14'. It started with Alonso, the midfield anchor, as he twisted to the backfield and passed it to a defender (Puyol?). The ball made its way to Capdevila who dumped it off to Riera by the left sideline. Riera hesitated, then broke towards the middle, passed behind a defender to a sprinting Villa a couple years ahead. Villa cut back and darted the ball into the awaiting foot of Torres. Passes, runs and delays working in sync.

Of course, put them against Italy and it won't look as beautiful. But when the system is working, its pace brings a harmony to the game.

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