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Barca Coming to San Francisco

Barca is playing Chivas de Guadalajara in San Francisco on Sunday, August 9!!! San Fran is the third and final stop on Barca's U.S. tour, after playing the L.A. Galaxy at the Rose Bowl, and the Seattle Sounders at Qwest Field. More details here on the FC Barca Web site.

The last time I saw Barca play in the States was in 2006 when they played Chivas at the L.A. Coliseum to a crowd estimated at 92,000. When Ronaldinho walked out during half time, thousands of camera flashes went off as he strolled to the sideline. I even saw Kobe Bryant a dozen rows behind me.

The big question: who will go with me? My cousin, who is my usual partner in crime, will be out of the country. Sigh. I'm expect myself to be bouncing off the walls the day before, only to the stoic, confused expressions of my friends and family. I can predict the dialogue:

Me: Wow, I'm going to see Messi, Xavi, Puyol, Alves and Iniesta at the same time!!!
Friend: Will Ronaldo be there?
Me: No.
Friend: He was awesome when Brazil won the World Cup.
Me: (Pause) Well there are two Ronaldos. One is a fat Brazilian. The other nailed Paris Hilton after he was poached by Real Madrid. No, neither Ronaldos will be there.
Friend: What about the guy who head butted that other guy?
Me: No, he won't be there either. Wanna go anyway?
Friend: Might be dangerous.
Me: Why?
Friend: You know, all those Mexican fans.
Me: (Silence)

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Greetings from Barcelona, from a Catalonian Barça fan. I just discovered your blog, great site indeed. Congratulations!

Haha, great dialogue, I'm still laughing. Hope you're lucky and find someone to go with you, it's actually worth it (but of course, you already know).

Be patient with your American friends. One day they'll see the light. :-)


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