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Barcelona Practice Tomorrow in SF! But...

I've been following a number of posts in the Blogosphere and the Twitterverse about a practice that FC Barcelona will hold the morning of Friday August 8 at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco. I'm almost 100% sure they will practice there tomorrow, based on this online invite posted by the San Francisco Parks Trust. The only problem is that it's an exclusive event limited to 200 people at a price of at least $150 a ticket.

There's another rumor floating around the blogosphere that Barca fans will be able to attend the session for a $10 admission fee, according to this post from Soccer Training Info (thanks to @CaptainArsenal for posting on Twitter).

Now the real question: should I stay or should I go? Might be worth a shot, given I'm going to miss Barca's match against Chivas on Saturday. Worst case scenario I'll catch a glimpse of the bus while freezing my tail off in the fog of Golden Gate Park.

If anybody has any details, feel free to comment.

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